Water Damage

4Water damage can be a silent threat. Often times, homeowners don’t know they have it until it is too late. Dangerous molds and mildew as well as structural integrity can risk everyone’s health and safety. That’s why it is important for all property owners to document their damage and to start repairing the damage immediately whether for insurance claim or not. Unless you are a specialist, it is better to have the damage evaluated by a professional or a contractor. If you wait for an insurance adjuster to evaluate the loss, you could be putting your home at more risk. That is why you need to start the mitigation process immediately.

Here is how we start the process:

Determine the amount of damage – What water source caused the damage? This will determine how Build For Less Renovation stops the water damage emergency. This is done by quickly locating the cause and finding any surrounding wet surfaces and damage.

Remove the damage and get it dry quick - The EPA advises that restoration of water damage should begin within 24-48 ours to prevent harmful mold growth. With the use of high powered water extraction equipment and Industrial strength air movers and dehumidifiers, Build For Less Restoration makes sure every trace of moisture is gone. The faster we can get to the problem, the less of a chance of contamination.

Odor Removal - Basic fact: Even clean standing water can generate foul odors in just a few hours. Build For Less Restoration uses thermo-foggers and EPA approved, botanical based disinfectants to neutralize microscopic particles. This fog will penetrate into cracks and deep, empty spaces that can be touched by water and moisture.

Remediation of mold – If mold is detected, it must be eradicated immediately. By sealing off the contaminated areas, we establish a negative air pressure. Once all the affected areas are removed and wood studs and framing is sanded, we Hepa Vac treat the area to remove all hidden bacteria and spores from furniture and other household items. We even hit small crawl spaces and HVAC systems. The surface is disinfected and airborne particles are removed.

Have a professional on your side – This means we make sure that your insurance company is notified of all the health risks and damage that is present. We help you get through it by taking on the heavy lifting so you can focus on getting your life back.