We had a grease fire in our kitchen.  Luckily no one was hurt, but the wall behind the stove was done.  B4LR came in and cleaned the area and determined how bad the damage really was.  They worked with my insurance and saved me a huge headache.   You have to call these guys!
Kevin Williams

It was a big wind and rain storm that came through and tore up our roof.  I thought that maybe it was just a minor thing my husband could fix, but it wasn’t.  I called Build For Less Restoration and they told me that I had severe mold growth in my attic.  It was spreading down my walls into the house.  If it wasn’t for them, who knows what might have happened. 
Beth Peters

You guys saved me big time!  Trying to get all the details together while still going to work, calling contractors…it was so much to deal with at once.  Your attention to detail and great service made it so much easier!  Thank you!  Mario Vasquez

THANK  YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You saved me and my family! –