2Accidents and other unforeseen events can happen. Hurricane force winds, acts of vandalism….you never know what could happen. Build For Less Restoration wants to help you recover quickly from these types of events.

Wind Damage – Southern California knows a thing or two about wind. With strong seasonal winds and oceanic storms, the air space can take on some major danger. We can help you recover quickly and help you get the assistance you need.

Bio-hazards – Unpleasant and unfortunate things can happen in a home. And sometimes it may require a professional to remove items that could prove to be dangerous to the occupant’s health. We are trained and licensed to handle bio-hazardous materials such as: medical waste, human waste and abrasive chemicals.

Acts of Vandalism – It is very unsettling when your space and property is not respected. Taggers and kids love nothing more than to paint all over nice clean walls and fences or destroy your home and property. It can be anything from a nuisance to a very dangerous situation. Let us help you get peace of mind.

Crime/Trauma Scene Cleanup